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FREE TODAY - Keychain Portable Reading Glasses

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  • [Lightweight And Convenient] It is easy to take and use, incredibly thin, farewell to the tympanum, and convenient to fit into the wallet clip.

  • [Silicone Nose Support] Elastic and comfortable to wear. Non pinching, adjustable nose rest.

  • [Lightweight Design] Fashion first choice, with seemingly insignificant weight. Lightweight body feel, not easy to mix colors.

  • [Scientific Design] Can be fitted with a key chain, folded into a pocket, and hung at the waist.


  • Material: PC

  • Weight: 36g


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.

  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Jaime Waters

perfect. Thank you

Alexys Weissnat

Now this is a lovely product! I hate carrying my regular reading glasses in the case around just for the sole purpose of being able to read small print in darkly lit restaurants. So I was forced to lean on people to "read" the menu for me or just ask the waitstaff for their "special". But these little keychain glasses work perfectly so I can now read the menu quite easily. And as you can see from the pictures it's small and fits in my pocket so it can easily come with me. Doesn't look too bad either. It's not overly comfortable (i.e., it won't replace your regular glasses) but it absolutely works for menus or other small print where you need a few minutes to read it.

Rob S.

Bought 2 pair of these a few days ago. Did the acid test last night at a dark restaurant. Popping the glasses out of their little case elicited the desired "oohs & ahhs", and they stayed on my nose without having to readjust every couple seconds. Getting them back in the case without fingerprints is a little tough, but I'm sure it just takes practice. Also, make sure not to push in and down on the little retractor button, or else it sticks. Just pull it down with a fingernail, and it works fine.

Definitely going to put a couple more pair on my list of stuff to just have laying around. Also, great for gifts for your nearsighted friends!

Gianluca Cronin

I’m super happy about that item, easy to wear, comfortable, and easy to carry ! Thanks !!!!

Hermina Doyle

Life is much easier with this!